Useful Resources



Don't Forget the Bubbles is a collaborative effort to create Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) resource for paediatrics.  In addition to a weekly 'Keeping Current' blog there are sections on:  clinical topics, quick reference, and APLS videos. 

KB:  The posts are well written, informative, very practical; it is WELL worth signing up for their weekly update.



The blog "Paediatrics for Primary Care (and anyone else)" is run by Sheffield based Paediatric Emergency Medicine consultant, Edward Snelson.  He really knows how to break down a topic to give quick, understandable explanations of common paediatric conditions.   



St. Emlyn's is a virtual hospital developed by the Manchester Royal Infirmary.  It began as an online training resource for their workforce in 2003 and has since grown to include a blog that can be used as a resource by the public.  The blog gives weekly evidence based learning on emergency medical topics and acts as an online journal club.

KB:  while a lot of content is adult-based; when there are paediatric blogs they are excellent.  Keep your eyes peeled for content from Natalie May. 



Medscape is an medical education website with contirbutions from healthcare professionals worldwide.  They feature point-of-care drug and disease information and have updates of the latest medical news.  Check out the 'Pediatric' page for paeds specific blogs, news, and disease content.  Create a free account with them to stay up to date (they have a great app too!) 



Life in the Fast Lane is an Australia and New Zealand based "medical blog and website dedicated to providing free online emergency medicine and critical care insights and education for everyone, everywhere...anytime."  They are big believers and contributors to the Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) #FOAMed.

KB:  follow the blog by the amazing Tessa Davis (Tech Tool Thursdays); a recent post included the links to free paediatric emergency medicine ebooks -



This website was created by Tessa Davis, a paediatric emergency doctor from the UK who is now living in Sydney. Tessa is interested in improving healthcare through IT innovation. The site was developed to make looking for online clinical guidelines much easier by having all the links in the one place and a list of your favourite guidelines. 

KB:  This is another cracker site from Dr. Tessa Davis - there are LOADS of paediatric guidelines and while they will require a critical review (and likely some adapation before dissemination in your clinical setting) they can really jump start your guideline development process.