Kids’ Health Matters (KHM) is a non-profit, social enterprise (i.e. a community interest company) that functions as an on-line learning community to develop and connect professionals interested in improving the health and well-being of children and families through advanced practice paediatrics. We will be offering:
  • On-line, ambulatory paediatric modules delivered as part of MSc advanced practice programmes at local Universities
  • On line CPD designed specifically for paediatric advanced practice (under development)
  • Opportunities to develop your APNP portfolio (under development)
  • A variety of resources for you to use in your advanced paediatric practice (under development)
  • Access to the KHM advanced practice community via our APNP bulletin board where you can share relevant resources, pick-up other resources, identify APNP job opportunities and develop your APNP network (under development)